Wonderwall: Your next generation standard tool

The Wonderwall

The WONDERWALL brings movement into every practice.

Whether a 30 cm element in the treatment room, two 90 cm elements in the gymnastics room or a 4.50 m wall in the medical training therapy area, there are no limits to the WONDERWALL.

What makes it unique is the aluminium profile system, in which the training application can be moved with centimetre precision using a sliding block. These can be adjusted to any body size and are very easy to adapt to your own exercises.

Locking, no problem at all! The numerous applications are attached using a twist lock and a lever and the training can begin.

In addition to its ease of use, the WONDERWALL impresses with its unique quality and timeless design.

Application of the month
Stretch rollers

The unique advantages of the WONDERWALL allow the Blackroll Standard to be used in a variety of ways in the form of the WONDERWALL stretch rollers. In contrast to the fascia roll, the stretch rollers are firmly fixed and are therefore suitable for extensive stretching exercises to improve mobility and relax the muscles.


The areas of application of the WONDERWALL

The WONDERWALL is the customisable wall solution for muscle lengthening, fascia training and much more.

Small spaces can be utilised highly efficiently.

It is therefore the ideal solution for home fitness, fitness studios, physiotherapy practices, Bgf providers and hotels.

Exercises on the Wonderwall

With over 250 exercises, the WONDERWALL offers a wide range of possibilities.

Example installations of our customers