History of the WONDERWALL

Helmut Speckmaier is a pioneer of multifunctional walls on the European market. He started out as a physiotherapist in 1984 with his own 80 square metre practice. Five years later, he expanded his business to 400 square metres and included exercise in his service portfolio. In 1996, medical training therapy in combination with comprehensive and health-based fitness training played a major role in his new 1500 square metre building.

As the operator of two therapy centres, a fitness discounter and an EMS studio, Helmut dealt with the topic of healthy exercise on a daily basis. Operating the EMS studio gave him the idea of offering a maximum number of stretching, fascia and triggering options on as few square metres as possible.

Given the lack of square metres of floor space in most rooms, especially in physiotherapy facilities, the simple conclusion was to also use the walls for training purposes. This is how the idea of the WONDERWALL was born.

With a laptop and presentation video, Helmut made his way to FIBO in 2017. In the same year, he took a small WONDERWALL to "Meet the Top Physio" in Mallorca. There he found a partner in the company LUDWIG ARTZT GmbH. From 2018, he entered into a sales partnership with ARTZT and has been represented at important fitness and physio trade fairs ever since. After the establishment of WONDER GmbH in 2019, Helmut will be equipping unused walls of healthcare facilities in close cooperation with LUDWIG ARTZT GmbH and his own team from January 2023.